Life is not merely being alive, but being well.-Martial, 66 AD, Epigrams

The birth of Green Barley Life is a result of this promise. 

Eagerness to find a cure for my father who has liver cirrhosis brought my feet to
become a member of Health Wealth International Corporation (HWIC) .

        I am grateful to all the doctors who helped him. They worked with him to find out what medicines would at least work and what not, since apparently liver diseases are irreversible.. He religiously drank the oral medication he thought would cure him. Sadly, later on I found out that the most expensive “medicine” prescribed was just a food supplement and Green Barley has even more vitamins and amino acid than it offers. That went on since 2008. And thank GOD, with those he was recently rushed to the hospital because he became so yellow, weak and had irregular bowel movements. We were also informed that he already has mass in the liver and too late-it was already big and his hemoglobin went up. It would cost his life if they would push with the biopsy procedure.

He was informed by his doctor to seek more advanced treatment.  Wanting to live longer, even they have difficulties transporting, they went to Manila. Thank GOD again – it was Christmas time. Everybody seems to be on a mood set for vacation. We were only able to see the doctor he was referred to once. She ordered some laboratory tests done so those would be ready when we see her in January. No additional medications given.

He just drank a bottle of Green Barley a day.

We noticed his color changed after few days of drinking Green Barley. His face, lips and hands became pinkish again. He became livelier.  And to top these all – the liver mass he was diagnosed with became smaller!!!  We really thank the LORD for this awesome blessing.

Browse through my page so you too will receive the same blessing of health and wealth with green barley.